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Arts Curriculum For Future Leaders. Featuring 18 devotionals and hands-on lessons in Visual Art, Photography & Comic Books. For students ages 8-14.


Two successful scientists are on the verge of a medical breakthrough that can help people heal through the use of powerful serums and an incredible suit. Their son, Christian is caught in a mysterious explosion that takes the life of his parents and bonds the suit to his body. With newfound abilities and a mandate from his father and from God, Christian seeks to find the people who killed his parents and defend the weak. He has a righteous indignation and a desire to save his city from corruption by being God’s Messenger to the lost.

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Started among one of the city’s most dangerous government housing projects, the Atlanta Youth Academy is a private Christian school continually performing at the highest academic levels while serving some of Atlanta’s lowest income populations. For anyone interested in missional theology or community development, this book provides an insightful look into the development of this school.  Far more than a school history, these pages seek to expose why founder Larry Teem believes forming avenues to education is essential to any lasting community change.


Christian Light, son of well-to-do parents Joel and Lauren and big brother to sister Evangeline is an all American kid. This Roswell, GA teen is the former star quarterback, captain of the football team, and straight A student living the life. After his parents were killed in a bombing committed by a criminal seeking their experimental healing suit, Christian now has to find a way to move on. 

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